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Creating the perfectly fit trousers for every beautiful woman out there! Modefabriek July 2019

Happiness, excitement and colorful are the first words which pop-upped in the mind of our designers, when they finished the Spring/Summer 2020 collection. This was the first time the outside world and especially our retailers could see, touch and feel our new born SS20 collection at the Modefabriek, the 8th and 9th of July!

Every Summer or Winter collection we are very honored to be part of this big event in the Rai Amsterdam. As soon as we build our stand together with a great bunch of people the great feeling of happiness and excitement are coming back. A lot of people/stores are very curious what the new collection will bring. To clarify when you walk in the different halls at the Modefabriek, you can feel that kind of curiosity mixed with excitement in the air.

At 8th and 9th of July we received lovely and wonderful compliments. This makes us very happy and we are glad that we can excel in what we do, so creating the perfectly fit trousers for every beautiful woman out there!

Have you seen our stand and would you like to receive more information about selling Para Mi? Contact us at sales@para-mi.com. Did you miss our stand, could not you make it or would you like to see the Para Mi stand at the Modefabriek again. Down below a little impression of the wonderful two days the Modefabriek has brought us (and of course our great bites).

Thanks to everyone who visited us! Do we see you next year; January 2020?

Lots of love,

  – Para Mi –


Modefabriek 20 & 21 January 2019

A new year with more joy and trousers

2019 just has started and Para Mi kicked off this new year with our new collection at the Modefabriek. We showed our new Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections of 2019, whether normally we only show the Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer collection. More trousers, more joy and wonderful positive vibes. This is because of the visitors, fans and also because of you! Maybe you have missed our stand, or you would love to see the Para Mi stand again. Here is an impression of the Modefabriek by Para Mi.

Thank you for the great days.

Para Mi

All about the trousers


Feel luxurious with the Para Mi LXRY collection!

This Spring/Summer season 2017 we introduce our new line of Para mi luxery trousers. Made of high quality fabrics with luxurious surfaces, with our familiar Para Mi comfort stretch. Feel luxurious in our Femme Polyamid quality for your ultimate precious moments. This quality is marked as bi-stretch who gives you the ultimate comfort & stretch. Are you looking for more serenity and peace? You will find it in our luxery quality Silver Mosaique. Printed fabrics between the contrast of White and Silver.
For those who are looking for the feeling of early summer evenings, the warm glow of our quality Sunset Glow will give you that warm summer vibe. Embrace our quality Precious Snake this precious animal look of printed patterns in natural shades in this LXRY Collection. Lovely Luxery qualities for every Luxery moment! Discover our new luxury qualities!

How to cuff your jeans part 3: The roll it up cuff!

Cuffing your jeans may look simple, but it is, in fact, no easy feat. Let’s be honest, it can take more than one try in the morning. So this week we will learn you the ” Roll it up cuff”.
A nonchalant cuff for a relaxed casual friday! Watch the instruction video below.

The Roll it up cuff
Gather the hem of your jeans together at your inner ankles and pinch the fabric together so it is all at one side. Then, while pulling the fabric away from you, which will create a more textured look, roll the fabric up once or twice.

How to cuff your jeans part 2: The half way cuff!

Another week, another way to cuff your jeans! Last week we started with an easy one, so this week we level up a bit. This week we will learn you to cuff your jeans half way.
Ah?! huh? halfway? YES HALFWAY! Please don’t panic. Check the instruction video how to cuff your jeans half way.

The Half way cuff
Start by making a single 3 cm cuff. Bunch the bottom of the cuff to create dimension and accordion-like texture. Finish by folding the top down. This is the most fashion-forward off all the cuffs, so either balance the look with ladylike accessories or go full-on glamour with leather and lace. Either way, let the cuff be the statement! 


How to cuff your jeans?

YES! We have a new weekly blogsubject on the Para Mi blog and you don’t want to miss this. Every Friday we will give you an example ” How to cuff your jeans”. We will learn you to cuff your jeans like a cuff star! So you will rock that casual friday, like you never rock before.

We will give you an easy start with the:

The skinny double cuff

If you’re looking to style a pair skinny or regulair jeans like our Para Mi Fit Roxy or Celine try out the skinny cuff.  To accomplish this stylish trick, first start with a single cuff. Then, fold over once more to create a skinny double cuff. A pro tip? The more nonchalant the better. Check our video, to know how to get the skinny double cuff.


Spring is coming!

Be ready for the spring with our brand new spring collection. From this week on you can find our heaven powerstretch spring collection in the shops. Choose our fittings Angela, Celine or Robyn in heaven quality in your favorite color!

Check our Store locator to find where you can buy your favorite new Heaven trouser.

Season trend – Bootcut pants are back

Now the famous skinny / straight models were for several years at the very top there is a new trend back in the pants world. Wider leg trousers have returned like the bootcut and flare models. At Para Mi you can find our model Robyn ! Robyn features a higher waist, five-pocket styling, zip-fly and button fastening. The flaired leg is suited to ankle boots,sandals or summery sneakers. Available in length 30 and length 32.