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Modefabriek 21 & 22 January 2018

 Check our after movie!





Spring collection 2018 online NOW!


Finally the cold Winter days are over and the sun is reaching us the first gleam of  her lights. Time to embrache Spring! With our Spring Collection you are ready to enjoy the Spring daysto the ultimate.  Para Mi presents a new Spring collection with blossoms & soft tones, nature inspired, color shades.  Discover a wide range of styles in the best comfortable stretch fabrics.  Enjoy our newest denim collection with beautiful denim shades. Now available in basic fits and various new Spring fits. Click & Discover now!

Modefabriek 9 & 10 July

We enjoyed the Modefabriek July 2017. It was a great succes! We hope you enjoyed the Modefabriek and our new stand as much as we did and we hope to see you again next time! Check our after movie to see a little impression of our new stand. Thanks to all our visitors and fans with all wonderfull feedback.


Discover our Fall / Winter 2017 collection

Now can you smell Autumn dancing in the breeze, while the sun is taking a step back, the leaves are starting now falling one by one. The sunny days will be soon gone and hides an winter far below.Para Mi presents a new Fall/Winter collection with several nature inspired color shades of this season. Discover a wide range of styles in the best comfortable stretch fabrics and expand this season your denim collection with denim shades and dark grey tones.

Denim is everywear!

Of course your heart is ready for spring, your skin is longing for some sun and your body is ready to rock that spring feeling. But… is your wardrobe also spring ready? One of the most important things you need to know for this spring is DENIM IS EVERYWEAR! So seek out that vintage denim jacket, search a beautiful denim blouse and buy your number one denim trousers!

Spring Must-haves
The absolute spring musthave is a denim with a light washing. We have selected some of our nicest light bleach washings. So check our little moodboards and find your ultimate spring denim!


Discover our Spring/Summer collection 2017!

Spring is whispering and started to awake from the Winter season. Embrace the new blooming season and find in our new Spring/Summer collection your ultimate summertime treasures. Discover a wide range of styles in the best comfortable stretch fabrics, in seral mineral stone colors, inspired by nature, heading High Summer with expressive colorful colors. Expand this season your denim collections with new Summer blue denim shades and cool grey tones. Go to our collection page and discover our Spring/Summer 1 collection. Enjoy!


Feel luxurious with the Para Mi LXRY collection!

This Spring/Summer season 2017 we introduce our new line of Para mi luxery trousers. Made of high quality fabrics with luxurious surfaces, with our familiar Para Mi comfort stretch. Feel luxurious in our Femme Polyamid quality for your ultimate precious moments. This quality is marked as bi-stretch who gives you the ultimate comfort & stretch. Are you looking for more serenity and peace? You will find it in our luxery quality Silver Mosaique. Printed fabrics between the contrast of White and Silver.
For those who are looking for the feeling of early summer evenings, the warm glow of our quality Sunset Glow will give you that warm summer vibe. Embrace our quality Precious Snake this precious animal look of printed patterns in natural shades in this LXRY Collection. Lovely Luxery qualities for every Luxery moment! Discover our new luxury qualities!

Are you ready for the holidays?

We will show you all of our beautiful BLACK Para Mi trousers. So you will be ready for the Holiday season! We will start with our CITY CREPE FANCY! Comfort & Stretchy, with some fancy strass details. Check our City Crepe!

Or are you looking for something stylish? Luxury in style with our Asky trouser. The ultimate Bi-stretch polyamide quality for supreme comfort! Available in out fits Celine, Angela, Feline & Norah.